The used car market is notoriously a market for lemons: there is a wide difference between what the typical buyer knows about a car and what the seller knows; this, ultimately, results in a marketplace where the typical car being sold is somehow defective. Is this same tendency at play in the sexual marketplace?


A market for lemons 1 2 is a market for goods that are well-understood by the seller and poorly understood by the buyer. This information asymmetry drives buyers to be more careful, being unwilling to pay more for what might be a defective product. Sellers, then, find that it is easier to sell defective products for a price buyers will pay than to sell excellent products at a higher price. As a consequence, aside from an occasional error by a novice seller, only flawed goods – lemons – are ever sold.

The Sexual Market

The sexual market has all the components of a market for lemons in place. We will examine how this is the case, accounting for the differences between the sexual market and the longer-understood markets for goods and services.

Information Asymmetry

The sexual market also bears an extreme information asymmetry, perhaps greater than the used car market, and certainly not less. Whereas cars have odometers and only defects that are not immediately evident can be hidden, a woman’s sexual partner count is something only she knows.

The common saying goes that a man will report his sexual parner count as three times his real count, and a woman will report hers as one third of her true count. This is, plain and simple, lemons pretending to be peaches, no different than a car dealership concealing defects from a buyer. It has the same problem, as well: a woman with a count of 3 will report 1 if she can, but a woman with a count of just 1 can’t report 1/3.

The hymen serving as physical proof of virginity – equestrians be damned – prohibits underreporting all the way to a partner count of zero. As such, we end up with a separation of goods much like the car market – factory-fresh cars and used cars – where one is converted into the other the moment you drive it off the lot.

Buyer Beware

A red pill so basic that even blue-pilled men manage to take it is to never wait to have sex. A woman who won’t have sex with you, don’t kid yourself, you’re nothing to her. This works very well with the vast majority of women who are used, but it doesn’t work make sense at all for the new ones: virgins.

Virgins have become shut out of the mainstream market because the rules of engagement have changed to account for unchaste women who still try to pull one over on men. Since society today socialized boys and girls of similar age – a topic I’ll tackle exclusively in a future post – these girls try to find boyfriends of a similar age and wait until marriage. This is a doomed arrangement, as men aren’t ready to support a family until close to age 30, and that’s when childless women start to go infertile. Alternatively, they can do as all the other girls do and be unchaste.

Not For Sale

So, what happens to all the good used cars? They’re not for sale. That is, they’re still being driven by their owners or they’re sold privately to relatives. They are not offered to the public since they’ll be unable to fetch the price they’re worth. The mechanics are different with women, since they can’t be sold like property, but the result is the same.

Women, on the other hand, are always in a relationship if they’re attractive. Always. The pick-up artist community always had newcomers struggling with this reality. Inevitably, you have to either lower your standards or stop giving up when you learn she has a boyfriend. This is also called sexy, sane, single: pick two.

These attractive women don’t spend even a day single. They have always been the one to end their relationships, and never before lining up the new boyfriend: someone who didn’t mind fucking someone else’s girlfriend and didn’t have the foresight to realize he will be replaced the very same way. In a sense, they’re always “for sale”, but not in the way the vast majority of men recognizes.

So, then, what’s left for Tinder, speed dating, and so on? That’s right.


So, how do you deal with a market for lemons? Take lessons from the car market:

  • Buy new.
  • Certified pre-owned. Sadly, this doesn’t really translate to women.

So, then, the question remains: how do we restore the deal that works? Where young virgins marry middle-aged, established men and have many children? That’ll be addressed in a future post.


While I did not use this video as a source for this post, I have to acknowledge Sandman did it first. Watch his video for his take on this topic.